hello. i am making this post in response to DH's inquiry into my internet persona. it's kind of scary for me because i have a big thing about being judged by others, but i think as an artist it's important to learn to defy boundaries and explore difficult terrain. i hope to collaborate with classmates as well as others in both TBM and through other classes and aspects of my art practice . . . maybe you? i have been discovering lately that i am a photographer at heart. it hurts me to be in so many wonderful places recently and not have a camera with me . . . i might spend my food money on a digital camera . . . input welcome from y'all. when will we discuss the text for time based? i really want to. well, that should do for now. sorry if there is some drama in my previous posts. i have the urge to delete some of them, but i feel that would violate the integrity of the work as a whole.