here we go again

so, last week, maybe the week before, i was so terribly depressed by being alive, that i deleted all of my blog entries, closed some accounts (like myspace) and generally tried to remove my self from the internet (which is actually impossible, but you get the point, right?)

now i've decided to start it up again. i hope you're happy.

i'm at my dad's house for a while and i have lots of junk with me, so i can't ride my bike back to iowa city. guess i have to wait for a ride or something.

happy birthday everyone! my calendar on the phone blanked out, so i lost everyone's birthdays, so that's why it might seem like i don't care.

maybe i'll start a daily video blog about riding my bike around the loo. even if nothing fun happens, you can watch me get more sunburned every day.

well, how about that news story, huh? something happened in the world. it's getting dry here, so i haven't mowed the grass in a while. i finished a bit of dish cleaning today and even ate a banana, so . . . well, my life is boring and stupid right now, but if you call me (319 232 6400) sometime, i'll interview you about anything you wish and post it on the blog, and that will be really interesting! i wonder how cole is doing . . . i left her in charge of the info blog and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth as far as craft is concerned. i'm such a ____ . . . sorry. i'll try to not be so dumb.