dear blog

Dear blog,

Although I am certain, to a degree, that no single person reads you, I am tempted to return to typing my non-sense ideas upon you. With that in mind, I have a new idea which is most likely especially dumb: There should be a new set of rules in the tax code that caps corporate profit at one billion dollars. If giant companies can only make so much profit and no more, their incentive to continue growing, even at the expense of the welfare of themselves and others, will be removed. That's it. Cap profits. It may seem high or low, but that limit can be raised or lowered over time. The important part is to have it in place as a check to a rampant, capitalist machine that is no longer directed by human interests directly, but directed by it's own machinery. Now, if you are reading this and you disagree, please let me know why in the comments.